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Frontend development with Vue.js

Creating any project, from a landing page to a complex web application, requires a thorough analysis of technologies that will become the foundation of the future technical solution, and Vue.js will be a great choice for building the front end.

Vue.js as a powerful development tool will be able to strengthen the project, regardless of the size of the company or the complexity of the solution, let’s take a look at the features, pros, and cons, and why you should choose Vue.js.

Pros of Vue.js

Novelty – this framework is called progressive because of its ability to integrate seamlessly into a project, whether it’s a one-page application or implementation into an existing project, the framework is so flexible that it can adapt to any project conditions.

Declarative rendering – one of the distinctive features of the framework is the declarative rendering syntax, it allows programmers to comfortably describe the structure and appearance of the user interface, it not only makes it possible to read the code comfortably but also makes it convenient for further maintenance.

Component-based architecture – the framework uses an architecture similar to React, which makes it possible to create reusable components. This makes development easier and allows for code reuse.

Reactivity – Vue.js uses a reactive data binding system, which means that any change to the data on the backend, for example, will be reflected almost instantly in the external state of the web interface. It’s much easier than manually manipulating the DOM and aims to create a seamless user experience.

Flexible Integration – this framework seamlessly cooperates with already developed working projects, which opens up ample opportunities for reassembling existing systems, and allows you to improve existing or even create completely new products.

Vue CLI – makes project configuration easier, allowing you to work with projects that need maintenance, customization, or additional development more easily.

Community – the circle of developers on this particular framework is very wide. The community is active, and growing, and provides constant support for technology. Plug-ins, libraries, and constant updates will help you to further work with any project.

Complex applications on Vue.js – the framework makes it possible to manage the states of large applications using tools such as Vuex, although Vue.js also provides a reactive data binding system.

Mobile versions – in addition to web applications, Vue.js is often used as a mobile application development tool, combining it with Vuetify or Quasar frameworks that provide development with styles and additional components.


If you are looking for a strong framework for developing really complex solutions, don’t pass by Vue.js, one of our latest projects that was developed with this framework is CRM and CMS systems for Bionorica which worked out to be the best for all the needs of a very complex and multi-layered project with many integrations. Still not sure which framework to choose? Choose a convenient time to call us and we’ll discuss all the benefits of Vue.js for your solution.

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