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Karmabot Slack bot


There was a request to augment the customer’s team by developing an automated motivation system for staff as it was integrated into most well-known chat applications such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Telegram.



It was determined that most of the work would take place on the backend, to build a high-quality communication channel between the bot itself and messengers.

We also described the construction of a backend database that would store the results of the work of all employees and a small frontend part that would display graphs in the user’s account.

The team used Ruby on Rails as the main technology for the backend, React, and AWS for the project deployment.

Team and deadlines

The team consisted of two full-stack engineers.

The entire project took 10 months to develop.


As a result, the customer has a system implemented in all modern platforms, which is used by 40 thousand users around the world every month.

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