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Mearto Appraisals antique portal​


The client had a request to create a web portal that provides online valuation and authentication from experts in art, design, antiques, ceramics, coins, etc.


It was determined that the platform would be built on a robust backend running CMS, user interface, and marketplace.

It was necessary to build a media file exchange system with a personal account, and the possibility of correspondence between the specialist and the owner of valuable items.

The team used Ruby on Rails as the core technology for the backend with a pinch of Vanilla.js, Heroku services to deploy, and AWS for data storage.

Team and deadlines

The team consisted of one backend developer, one frontend developer, and a designer. 

The development of the entire project took two years, and it is still being supported.


As a result, the customer received a stable platform that passes through 60k+ users every month.

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