Custom software development services ​​

Optimising business for over six years with the help of CRM systems

CRM systems development

Create a powerful customer relationship management system for your business to work better with your customers.

CMS systems development

Make managing your content as easy as possible with a custom software solution developed from scratch.

Ruby on Rails development

Development of services for your business, both from scratch and in support of existing projects based on RoR technology.

Slack bots development

Expand the capabilities of your existing service to meet your needs with automated bots.

Vue.js development

Creating solid Front-end part on Vue.js framework for your business.

React.js development

Developing a Front-end side on React.js framework for your project.

Shopify development

Develop e-commerce project on Shopify CMS


Reduced operating costs


Sites implemented


Custom CRM systems


Enterprise clients

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