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CRM and CMS systems for Bionorica​


We were approached by a client with several problems:

  • Outdated business processes requiring continuous support from the in-house SAP team
  • Poor company sales and customer data representation and visualization
  • Impossibility of sharing the products data with customers and clients 


It was decided to develop an internal B2B CRM application that imports data from SAP, analyzes files, parses and processes data, stores it, and provides an output with the user interface containing information about sales, forecasts, budgets, pricing, and other financial data for staff and customers.

The team used Ruby on Rails as the basic backend technology, Vue.js and native JavaScript were chosen for the frontend, with Microsoft Azure as a provider of cloud services and CI/CD pipelines. 

Having identified the priorities, we started implementing the CRM system

Team and deadlines

The team consisted of two backend engineers, one frontend developer, a QA, and a designer. 

The development of the entire project took two and half years and it is still being maintained.


As a result, the customer achieved multiple goals: 

  • Got a perfect company’s sales and pricing data overview with precise figures and historical data representation
  • Perfect visualization with product infographics, charts, and export to PDF/XLS functionality, which makes creating presentations much easier
  • Finally got precise actual and historical sales figures.

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