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Femtech – business and technology for female health

What is femtech?

Femtech is a term used to describe tech solutions and services that improve women’s health. They can include apps that track and predict menstrual cycles, sexual health, reproductive health, and maternity care. 

But we shouldn’t forget that this is a market that allows technical solutions for improving women’s health to reach another level, even though it has many industry branches, more than 50% of it is occupied by healthcare solutions, both for maintaining and improving physical and mental health.

It is worth noting its rapid growth, for example, in 2020 the market was estimated at $40.2 billion, in 2022 it reached $51.6 billion, and according to forecasts, in 2025 it will reach $75.1 billion, which indicates that this industry is firmly on its feet and confidently moving forward.

Software solutions for the femtech market

It is known that 33% of the total market is made up of mobile and web applications, with various programmable devices that are part of a complex product, including a large number of telemedicine services, diagnostics, digital platforms, and applications, which individually hold the vast majority of the entire market. 

Femtech apps

Most apps related to women’s health work on a phone, which is very convenient for monitoring your condition, getting emergency help, or monitoring it, and the following solutions exist for their purposes:

  • Menstrual cycle tracking apps – provide information on fertility and predict ovulation;
  • Application for pregnancy and postpartum period – monitoring the course of pregnancy, psychological support for mothers and fathers before, during and after childbirth, monitoring fetal growth;
  • Contraception and reproductive health – contraceptive planning and monitoring, and fertility information;
  • Women’s health monitoring application – monitoring of food intake, support for physical health through fitness programs and mental health;
  • Support for uterine and pelvic health – exercises, Kegel training, and wellness programs; 
  • Sexual health apps – informative platforms and contraceptive advice;
  • Mental health apps – meditations, stress management techniques, and psychological monitoring;
  • Menopause support apps – informative and supportive platforms, and symptom management tools;
  • Telemedicine apps – monitoring of both physical and mental health;

Technical solutions for femtech products

A separate part of this market is women’s health products, including vitamins for pregnant women and various supplements to support women’s health, both in general and during menstrual cycles. This area is also full of innovations in the field of women’s health, such as pads that dissolve in water, special underwear that does not leak, and reusable bowls, all of which form a huge market landscape, and the following solutions can be used for promotion, sales, and supply control:

  • WordPress websites for femtech products – perfect for budget promotion and content management;
  • Shopify websites for femtech products – one of the best choices for creating a store selling any product;
  • Custom solutions – more flexible, expensive, but robust solutions for doing business, among which are websites with custom CRM and CMS systems for closer customer interaction, database management, supply, and content management;


It’s impossible to ignore the femtech market anymore, and this is one of those cases where a business is more about its product than its profit or turnover, although they are also quite significant. Femtech has opened up previously closed issues for the global economy that were even shamed before, and it allows women around the world to improve their physical, mental, and sexual health regardless of their gender, orientation, or social status. 

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