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CRM and CMS for barbershop

A little bit of history

From bloodletting to digital technological solutions, this is the long way barbershops have evolved over the centuries, and it all started in ancient Egypt, where barbers appeared exclusively for men who shaved the pharaohs and warded off evil spirits by tidying up their artificial beards, which were a symbol of land ownership.

There were even times when barbers were persecuted in the Middle Ages because of their attitude to the procedures they provided, including bloodletting, wound and fracture treatment, which is where the symbol of any barbershop comes from, namely a bar intertwined with blue and red colours.

In the Renaissance, the fashion for silhouettes had already begun, and no silhouette was possible without a well-done hairstyle, which meant that it was impossible without a barber, and the heyday of men’s hairdressing salons and (as it happened historically) hospitals came at this time with the advent of firearms and wounds from them.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, hairstyles were no longer in fashion and wigs were in, so hairdressers had to start making wigs to survive. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, the first safety razor was developed, which came in handy during the Second World War for millions of soldiers who no longer returned to barbershops because of their habit of shaving quickly and safely, so barbershops went through hard times in this period of history as well.

Now it is a sustainable business that stands firmly on its own feet despite the COVID-19 that has already passed. The business is constantly improving and, like thousands of years ago, continues to look for the best way to approach its customers, and this is where integrated CRM and CMS systems come in handy.

CRM systems for barbershops

This is what will allow you to get closer to your client than the distance between you and the outstretched hand of the haircutter, the system will allow you to learn and remember the client’s haircut preferences, favourite beard softener, birthday and favourite drink – all this will be stored in the internal database, which will allow you to personally approach each client. Among the advantages, there are several main ones:

  • A system for scheduling appointments and haircuts to avoid shifts and overlaps.
  • Personalised marketing campaigns based on customer data, including sending out special offers, barber ratings and any other things that will help keep the customer in the chair.

CMS systems for barbershops

This system will make sure that people know about you on the Internet. It is responsible for the appearance and attractiveness of your business for potential customers who first see your website. With the help of this system, your client will be able to sign up for a beard or haircut using a convenient system that is integrated with CRM, this is not all the advantages of this solution, you can also highlight the following:

  • You will be able to show the results of your work and create a portfolio of your barbershop where the latest works of your masters will be shown, which will increase the trust of a potential client.
  • You can also supplement the content on the site with new services, promotions and seasonal or holiday offers.
  • The design of the site’s appearance is no longer a problem, depending on how you see the further work of your barbershop, upcoming promotions, and the latest updates, including newly opened salons.
  • With a CMS system, you can easily integrate any social media into your website, which is how most hair and skin care businesses are developing nowadays.

Duo of CMS and CRM systems

The mutual work of these two systems will allow you to create a whole internal ecosystem for your barbershop, synchronise information about which client will come when he will come, his preferences and even the likelihood of his delay, which in turn will reduce operational activities to a minimum.

The systems can be connected to artificial intelligence, and using them, make certain decisions about the types of hairstyles, the preferences of the audience in general, and the conduct of promotions, which in turn will greatly help your marketing.

Having information about the client, you can significantly improve the quality of services, and even prepare their favourite drink in the chair before they even enter the room.


You won’t be able to get to know your client if you don’t have the right technical tools for this, and it is CRM and CMS systems that can play a crucial role in the development of your barbershop, and use the available tools to further expand your business into entire networks. Not sure what to choose for your barbershop? Schedule a call with us for a free consultation today!

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