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Integration of CRM and SAP systems in private clinics

In the healthcare domain, private clinics are one of those businesses that, like any private business, must rely on itself to find and retain customers (in the case of the healthcare domain, patients) and find various technological solutions, including the latest ones. One of the best tools for this is SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) working in conjunction with customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Private clinics and the dynamics of their work

Most clinics use SAP in conjunction with ERP, due to the constant continuous flow of patients, changes in records, and the schedule of work shifts, there is no room for error or shifting of visit schedules, which will certainly lead to a small or large collapse in work. However, to properly set up the work and organize the process of patient appointments, all this must work simultaneously with a strong CRM system specialized for a private clinic.

SAP in private clinics

Human resources, finance, and medical supplies management – all of this is combined in SAP, which will become your or your accountant’s best friend and help you deal with invoices and procurement in one place. In integration with CRM and the data provided by this system, it will allow you to instantly exchange information between departments.

Benefits of CRM and SAP integration for private clinics

  • The integration will allow all medical requests to be consolidated in one place, which will reduce the risk of mechanical errors when filling out documents.
  • The CRM system in integration with SAP will allow you to schedule patient appointments in real time, preventing any unexpected situations with the absence of a doctor. 
  • Synchronization between SAP and CRM will allow for quick and accurate calculations, synchronizing all data on services provided and stages of patient treatment.
  • And, of course, as we mentioned in our other articles, a CRM system promotes close interaction between you and your patient like nothing else, and it is especially important to have a trusting relationship in the healthcare domain. Notifications about the appointment that will be tomorrow, receiving test results directly to the phone, and other personal functions that will help strengthen the relationship with the patient.
  • Integrated solutions will help you collect up-to-date analytics that can be used to develop business and marketing strategies.


SAP and CRM solutions for private clinics are a powerful business enhancement both from an operational and strategic point of view, and they also help to improve the quality of services, as feedback on the services provided can be stored in the CRM database, which will allow for future service improvements. Both platforms create a single ecosystem that improves both processes and communication between customers, specialists, and managers. The healthcare domain is constantly moving forward, and to keep up with it, you need to be on the trend of the latest technologies that improve business processes by an order of magnitude. Not sure what to choose for your clinic? Choose a convenient time to call us and we will be happy to provide you with advice.

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