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CRM and CMS systems for the beauty market

Integration systems for beauty business

Probably the business that should become a close friend to its client along with the healthcare industry is the business of providing beauty services. Beauty salons, cosmetology clinics, and stores selling varnishes, paints, and skin health products need to keep in constant contact with their customers, and this is where technology solutions can help.

Integrations with messengers for sending out notifications about promotions, New Year’s discounts, and much more work in synergy with CRM systems, bots, and the marketing team, which plans campaigns based on analytics, and the software already implemented them.

SAP, CRM, and CMS systems for the beauty sphere

CRM systems in the beauty business

Such systems allow you to create a portrait of each customer and increase the efficiency of sales of goods and services by precisely selecting the right product for a specific target audience based on its needs, a customer management system provides the following benefits:

  • Detailed description of the client will allow your business to build and execute marketing campaigns based on the client’s favorite products by launching promotional offers, and promotional codes, and providing coupons and discounts for various skin creams, hair care products, and others;
  • Convenient system for managing visits and free specialists in your salon will allow you to better manage and distribute your clients using a user-friendly interface with the integration of a calendar and personal employee profiles;
  • It will also be very important to have a database, a client profile, and a list of your favorite procedures if you have a cosmetology clinic. Records of reactions and allergies to various drugs will help to ensure the safety of any procedures, and an automated discount system will pleasantly surprise your customers;

CMS systems for websites in the beauty industry

There’s nothing like a properly configured content management system to present your store or service online, and here’s why:

  • The availability of various SEO tools for website promotion on Google will help your business, whether it is a nail salon or a hairdressing salon, on the Internet, everyone is equal, and even a start-up business can achieve great success by setting up a website correctly;
  • The user-friendly interface will allow you to manage the assortment and prices of goods and services without any knowledge of code, regardless of whether you sell nail polish or trichologist services by uploading hundreds of images in one click;
  • The availability of hundreds of plugins for, for example, WordPress or Shopify will allow you to freely expand the capabilities of your store or salon, separate tools for improving SEO, managing individual parts of the content, and tracking orders will make life easier for you and your employees;

SAP systems in the beauty industry

A variety of business management modules will allow you to optimize your business and manage it the way you need, namely:

  • You will be able to manage the supply chain of goods in your digital office without going to the warehouse;
  • Keep accounting records and manage the financial part of your business with the help of financial modules;
  • You will see all warehouse balances or oversupply of a particular product in digital form;


Any business, from selling cosmetics to a beauty and skincare salon, should be presented on the Internet and have a strong, stable base in the form of CRM or SAP to optimize processes and reduce operating costs. If you still don’t know what to choose for your business, choose a convenient time for a consultation right now.

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