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From horses and steam engines to modern vehicles, people have provided a variety of services to car owners throughout time, and from the beginning, the business of looking after both the external and internal condition of an iron horse has been about customer delight through an individual approach to their car. And what better way for a business to better understand your customer’s needs and choose the best option for car care than with CRM software.

CRM for car repair

Automotive repair requires the most individual approach, because there are no two customers alike, and there are no two cars that require the same service. From a detailed disassembly of the car, cleaning individual parts of the body from rust, engine repair or even replacement, and solving problems inside it.

A car service shouldn’t be kept guessing or waiting for information for weeks, that’s why you need the tools provided by the CRM system. In one place, you will have all the information about the availability of a starter, the right compressor model, or any other necessary spare parts that are in stock or in a nearby garage that serves as a warehouse.

CRM will also help you to get the entire history of previous changes in the car, which battery model was replaced, which headlights were used during light repair in case of their breakdown, based on all indicators, and even those that can be downloaded from another software solution that analyses the condition of the car, you can find out about the condition of the exhaust system, for example, or any other part that is in the bowels of the car without getting inside the car.

No matter whether it’s a scheduled inspection or a smashed car just after an accident, CRM will help you quickly determine the condition of the car, its equipment, and possible problems that you have encountered before, and, based on the available data, choose the exact solution to the problem you need.

CRM for Gas Stations

Petrol stations would never have become as comfortable for visitors as they are now if it were not for the use of CRM systems for their maintenance. As the owner, you will be able to easily understand the assortment of the gas station store, which will allow customers not only to comfortably fill up their cars but also to turn a quick pit stop into a trip to a restaurant and a pleasant pastime with their family in between a long, tiring road trip.

Even with the replacement of traditional petrol stations with electric stations, or the addition of such a function to an already “traditional” petrol station, it will be able to provide full service to alternative fuel connoisseurs who choose a different approach to travel, and CRM will help you streamline all operations, which will leave pleasant memories for your customers.

Also, don’t forget that CRM can be integrated with other systems that will let you know how much fuel you currently have at each of your petrol stations, what charging capacity is currently available at each of the points, and when it’s time to deliver hot dogs to the cafe. You can collect all this information in one place so that you don’t miss the moment when your stocks are depleted and your customers are disappointed.

After all, filling stations work not only for luxury convertibles or family cars, your stations are an integral part of the lives of truckers for whom a refueling point is not just a place of rest, but a place of constant visit because their life is a road, and nothing will improve relations with operators like the ability to issue electronic tickets, coupons and discounts – and here, too, a robust custom CRM system designed for you will come in handy.

CRM for Car Wash Service

Nothing gives pleasure to a person who adores his car as the opportunity to use different types of car washes, including touchless car wash, which gives the client pleasant emotions of contemplation of how their car becomes again as if from the salon, and no carwash company will be able to put the process of automatic washing without an internal integrated CRM system that will calculate the amount of detergent purchased, customers passed, car maps and dimensions with the number of resources that need to be spent to make the car clean.

Sometimes motorists who appreciate a more individual approach choose auto interior detailing. The system will also help you calculate the amount of products that are in your internal store, such as car wax, carpets, and antifreeze fresheners. All this should be accountable.

If your car wash provides such services, it is even more necessary for you to have data in CRM not only about the products but also more detailed information about the working hours of your employees, the amount of material used, and the customers who went through all the procedures.

Therefore, before you buy a car wash and start car cleaning, you should think about all the accountability points, and later, when your business starts to expand, think about optimizing and automating the processes that slow you down before further development.


CRM systems focused on the automotive business will bring your business significant advantages over your competitors, and will allow you to review existing processes, eliminate them, or modify them, which will certainly increase the dynamics of development and expansion of your business in the future. Not sure what to choose for your car wash? Choose a convenient time for you and we will advise you!

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